H2O APN Settings

February 26, 2017

H2O Carrier has some great plans, however, the data wouldn't not unless you set it up. For that I added those instructions. If you bought the H2O sim card, please use the instructions to set up the data in your device.

2 Quick notes

1. Once you setup the APN for this carrier you will not be able to use the data with your local carrier sim card. That means you need to remove it after you come back home.


2. For iPhones you need to have internet in order to make it work. It could be data from your own local sim card or wifi. For Android, no data needed and No need data for removing it from iPhone or Android.


The recommended way to do it is when you sit in the airplane right before you turn off your phone (before taking off), before you change the sim card.


For iPhone:

Open Safari browser (it must be safari).

Navigate to unlockit.co.nz

At the bottom of the page tap on "Create APN"

choose country USA and carrier H2O LTE

tap on Create APN

the screen will change to settings - tap on Install at the top of the screen.

If the phone ask for passcode, please type the passcode you use to unlock your phone. It's your own passcode.


Once it's done, your data will work.


For Android:

Go to Settings

Look for Networks or More Networks.

Tap on Access Point Names

Add a new APN, and give it any name.

At the APN type: prodata

Save it and make sure you selected this APN option (usually it's marked in green).


give it another 1-2 minutes and the data will start working.


Remove from iPhone:

Go to Settings -> General -> Profiles -> delete the H2O APN.


Remove from Android: go back to Access Point Names menu and choose your own local carrier APN.


Please let me know if you have questions or concerns, I look forward assisting you!



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